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Nora Fleming Soap and Lotion Set

$ 48.00
New to the Nora Fleming collection is the Soap and Lotion Melamine Set!

Includes 8 oz. moisturizing hand soap and 8oz. shea butter lotion.

Measures 7.5" x 3" 

Proud to continue our collaboration with our friends at Mixture our melamine holder deserved the best, so we chose hand soap with essential oils plus hand & body lotion with shea butter. and yes, they feature our signature scent, simplicity - hand mixed exclusively for nora fleming right in merriam, kansas. citrus, floral, and a hint of vanilla have never made us so happy!

Pair this all with our new melamine guest towel holder - we think it makes a darling set! can't leave your nora fleming simply in the kitchen - they're really adorable accessories for *every* room in your home!

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