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Coton Colors Measuring Cups Set of 4

$ 35.00
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Stack up style with our Dry Measuring Cups. These colorful cups measure up as a must-have kitchen tool for every cook or baker. Pair with our Measuring Spoons or Black Dot Measuring Cup to create a fashionable and functional gift with casually elegant flair.

  • Stack together for storage.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 1/4 Cup: 2.75w x 1.75h, 1/3 Cup: 3w x 2h, 1/2 Cup: 3.5w x 2h, 1 Cup: 4.25w, 3h
  • Volume: 1/4 Cup: 2 oz, 1/3 Cup: 2.3 oz, 1/2 Cup: 4 oz, 1 Cup: 8 oz
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