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Pinch Me Therapy Dough Mist Me Spray

$ 9.99
Natural relaxation used to be a mystery. Now it’s a mist-story.
Treat yourself to an instant mood boost with Mist Me Therapy Spritz. This gently scented hydrosol paired with a pacifying aromatic whisper promises to relax, destress, and soften the rough edges of your day. A quick mist across your face or body soothes your skin, as well as your soul.

Stress doesn’t stand a (s)prayer.
A quick, delicate burst is all it takes to help relax your senses and soothe your skin. And because we know it’s not all about how you look, but also how you feel, we’ve infused our mist with just a hint of calming scents to help take the edge off. You’re seconds away from a better day. Step inside to check out our signature scents. It’s relaxation, in a spritz.
 3 oz Mist Me Therapy Spritz of stress fighting goodness!
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