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Squishable Comfort Food Orange Cream Pop

$ 35.00
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Kids these days have it so good! Why, it was the summer of '82 before we had an air conditioner! Escape from the heat came with a snappy jingle rolling down the street from the neighborhood ice cream truck. Every afternoon, I scoured the house for two quarters and ran down to get the same delicious treat every day: an Orange Cream Pop. The sweet citrus tartness, the soothing ice cream center….

It was one of those languid afternoons that, with an Orange Cream Pop in my hand, the aliens beamed me up to their massive ship and taught me the secrets to faster-than-light travel. They also turned my popsicle into a giant soft plush I could hug. Nobody believes me but you, big fuzzy Orange Cream Pop! Together, we'll finally build that quantum space drive to re-unite with our friends on planet Blipzeep 9! 17 squishy inches of slightly unbalanced confection. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

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