Bogg Bag Canvas Collection Boat Bag Khaki

$ 134.00

Bogg® Bag reached a whole new level with our NEW Canvas Collection.  The sturdiness and durability of the Bogg® Bottom that you've come to know and love from Bogg® Bag is now coupled with a canvas upper that will quickly become your NEW FAVORITE BAG (besides your OG Bogg Bag of course ;)).  In three styles and three gorgeous colors (you NAVY me crazy, i OLIVE you and BLUSH-ing, these new bags will be a hit with both men and the women.  Our warehouse guys are already sporting these and loving every minute of it, and the gals can't get enough!  Get yours today!

Weekender - Everybody's working for the weekend!

Backpack - Your other backpacks will be jealous!

Boat Bag - Naut your average bag!

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