Narwhal Speaker Lid 20 oz.

$ 49.00

Fits most standard 20oz stainless steel tumblers:

Yukon Outfitters® (20oz), Yeti® (10oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz), Tervis® (20oz), Swig® (22oz), SUNWILL (20oz), SIC® (20oz), Reduce® (24oz, 32oz), Polar Camel® (20oz), Ozark Trail® (20oz), Member's Mark (20oz), MAARS (20oz, 22oz), Lil Boss (22oz), Kuuma (20oz, 12oz), Iron Flask ® (24oz), Hydro Flask® (22oz), Grizzly® (11oz, 16oz, 20oz), Buc-ee's® (20oz), Boelter Brands® (20oz), Beast® (20oz), and many more.  

Also fits on ALL counter tops, work desks, coffee tables, bathroom vanities, and night stands. Use a cable and clip the NARWHAL on any cooler bag, golf bag, backpack, ski pants, etc. Take your tunes everywhere you go! 

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